Ronica Faire

22 May 2018

Ronica Faire

Ronica, Producer & Host of TLBN’S ‘Faire Play Show’, was born & raised in the capital city of Montgomery, AL.  Though radio & television entertainment has been a love of hers since childhood, she did not begin serious pursuit of her passion until the age of about 24, when she began performing in various church plays.  Since then, she has gone on to perform in various local & traveling plays under the auspices of several Writers & Directors.  

Miss Faire began production & hosting of ‘The Faire Play Show’ in July of 2014.  She plays old & new skool R&B, Pop & Hip Hop music and along with sidekick, Adrienne Massengale, has lively discussion about trending blog & news topics. Her future plans the Faire Play Show include the incorporation of comedic scripts and  interviews with local talent & well-known  celebrities.  

You can tune in to the show every Wednesday night at 7 pm CT on the Tracy Larkin Broadcast Network.